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Filesystem, Module and Transport Structure of Standard Edition Distribution
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Distribution Structure

Physical Structure

This section describes the filesystem of the default NetKernel Standard Edition install.

NetKernel Standard Edition installs to a single directory with a number of sub-directories.

38M.base directory
268K./binstartup scripts for windows and linux
257K./bin/win32-service/scripts for running NetKernel as a service on win32
6K./buildAnt build scripts for kernel
20K./etckernel configuration files
24K./extra/servletexpanded servlet war directory for running NetKernel as a servlet. For more details see Servlet Guide.
10M./javadocJavadoc for core modules and kernel
4.6M./libNetKernel microkernel and bootloader libraries
0K./lib/ext JAR files placed here will be added to the base NetKernel classpath
0K./lib/expandedlocation where embedded libraries inside modules are automatically extracted to
4.3M./lib/endorsedendorsed XML JAR files override the JDK1.4.x defaults
64K./licenses3rd party licence files
0K./logkernel log files
22M./modulesThe system module JAR files or expanded subdirectories
616K./scratchlocation below which each module has a directory where it's ffcpl: resources may be overriden
480K./scratch/modules_mod_lucene_*pre-built documentation full-text index
353K./scratch/modules_ext_entrypoint_*pre-built list of registered entrypoints
7K./scratch/modules_ext_install_*pre-built list of modules that are installed
2.0K./securityPKI keys used in XML Signature demonstrations
17K./src/clicommand line interface source
23K./src/embeddedembedded api source
648K./src/kernelkernel source
1K./tests/directory where unit tests are installed

Logical Structure

NetKernel Standard Edition is shipped with many modules - on booting the Kernel commissions all modules specified in the [install]/etc/deployedModules.xml file. These modules form a chain of dependencies from high-level application modules down to service libraries and finally to the microkernel.

A listing of deployed modules including details of their licencing and dependencies can be seen with the Deployed Module Report. The dependency tree is explicitly rendered in the Module Dependency Graph.

Modules usually fall into one in a set of standard patterns.

Network Transport Structure

The out-of-the-box configuration consists of two HTTP transports, one is the System Services Fulcrum which hosts the web based management and developer tools. The other is the Front-End Fulcrum which is designed for adding user developed modules. It comes preconfigured with the addressbook and workbench modules exposed.

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